Why Choose Us?

Why choose Coach Atlantic Group?

There are many reasons to charter a vehicle, and many reasons why Coach Atlantic Group tops the list of choices. We have over 25 years of experience in the passenger transportation industry, our drivers are knowledgeable and personable, we have high safety standards, and we can take you places that other modes of transportation simply cannot.


Coach Atlantic Group benefits from ownership, management, and representatives that have years

Coach Atlantic Group

Choose Coach Atlantic Group

of experience in the motor coach and transportation industry. Because of this experience, our company can deal with many different situations, and we know that customer satisfaction is number one on our list. We are a “well oiled machine” because we pay attention to detail, know what customers need, and are constantly striving to make the experiences of customers the best it can be. This experience and knowledge, which only comes with time, is translated into having priorities that ensure the safest, most comfortable, and efficient ride for customers.


Our drivers are hired for their experience, skill, professionalism and personality to ensure that customers have the most secure, and enjoyable trip possible. They are highly trained and have learned through years of driving how to respond to any situation and driving conditions. They are also known to be friendly and helpful to all customers. We pride ourselves on having such an interactive and professional team here at Coach Atlantic Group.


Safety is of the utmost importance for Coach Atlantic Group. Nothing should compromise safety and care for customers. We can ensure that you will be traveling in the safest fleet on the road! Every vehicle is inspected by our drivers upon departure and return to the garage for each trip. In conjunction, all of our vehicles are routinely inspected by our competent maintenance staff before and after multi-day trips.

All of the buses in our fleet are also equipped with GPS systems, to ensure complete competency for drivers and efficiency in travel. These GPS systems keep drivers in constant contact with our 24/7 dispatch staff.